Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The silly things kids do...

These are all recent pictures and they are all silly things about our kids. I love them so much and every silly thing they do. I try to always have my camera handy so I can capture these moments.
Calee had her first dentist appointment this week and is so proud of her toothbrush and toothpaste that she got from the dentist, that she carries it around with her everywhere we go. (also, notice the sweet galoshes she is wearing)
Cambree, Calee and Avery made this awesome mess in Cambree's room this weekend. It's hard to get upset with girls that are so silly and so cute...

Calee thought she needed to wear a pullup on her head the other night.
well, and then she wore one OVER her pajamas.

This is Ken's shirt that Cambree made for him out of kleenex tissues. Pretty stylin, eh?

and then there is our sweet boy, Carter, the true blue cub scout. He is always wanting to work on his cub scout projects. Lately he has been whittling cool things out of bars of soap. I am proud of him for learning how to be responsible with knives and learning how to use them safely and properly.

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